Working with Laurie made it easier to understand and process my grief. Laurie showed compassion and empathy, kindness and grace as I dutifully did my “homework”. She guided me in letting go of things I never controlled in the first place while gaining understanding and confidence to use my new skills in the future. Laurie helped me find peace in my life and for that, I am so grateful.


"It is my pleasure to highly recommend The Grief Recovery Method Seminar conducted by Laurie Freeman of The Grief Recovery With Laurie of Littleton. I recently completed the eight week program and am very satisfied with the value and the results. The Grief Recovery With Laurie of Littleton was a perfect place in which to go through the process. It is a private, professional and soothing environment.

Laurie guided me through the process with her experience, empathy, flexibility, and strength. She was an excellent facilitator. She is truly an exceptional person.

I am very happy and satisfied with the seminar and what I acquired from it. It provided more than I imagined it would in both immediate and long term benefits. I saw the grief from my past loss through to honest and healthy resolution. In addition to the relief I'd originally sought, I came away with new understanding and skills that are so important to overcome any difficult losses in life and to maintain a life of health and happiness."


"For the past couple of months I have spent time on Monday nights with Laurie Freeman and a group of people who have experienced grief. I had no idea how much the powerful emotion of grief was affecting my days and nights. I learned that I was holding on to all kinds of griefs and that there are skills and exercises I can use to help me move forward. Grief doesn't only come with the loss of a loved one, but divorce, loss of a job, loss of a lifestyle, loss of a pet, and so many other subtle losses that have a profound impact on your well-being.

Laurie understands loss, has studied and certified in the Grief Recovery Method and is a thoughtful group leader. I highly recommend."