Who Am I?

Your feelings are normal and natural.  Grieving people are not broken and do not need to be fixed.

Grief Recovery With Laurie was established as a place of community and healing for those of us who have experienced great loss and in turn great pain.

I am a certified Grief Recovery Specialist and I help move people who are stuck in that overwhelming grief to a place where there's real recovery from that grief.

In my experience with helping people overcome their personal grief, I've found that there is some confusion around what it is they actually want to GAIN. Have you thought about what life would look like without sadness and pain? Do I want to continue to suffer this pain for the rest of my life?

Many think this is their only option. Many think that they will never be happy again. This is not true! You have options. I am willing to walk alongside you in whatever journey you are on without judging you, making you feel inadequate, trying to fix you, or trying to impact the outcome.

When we hold space for other people, we open our hearts, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgement and control. We are Hearts with Ears.

Meet Laurie and learn why she has chosen this path in her life journeys.